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Extremely Disappointed with Telus TV Service and Tech Support

Actualizado: 1 ago 2023

I recently had the unfortunate experience of subscribing to Telus TV service and seeking assistance from their affiliated tech support provider, I must say that my overall encounter with both Telus and has been extremely disappointing and frustrating. Here are the reasons why I strongly discourage anyone from considering their services:

  1. Unreliable TV Service: Telus TV service proved to be highly unreliable. I experienced frequent interruptions in my TV signal, leading to missed shows and distorted images. Despite numerous attempts to troubleshoot the issue on my own, the problem persisted. It's truly unacceptable to pay for a service that consistently fails to deliver the promised quality.

  2. Inefficient Customer Support: When I reached out to Telus customer support to report the issues with my TV service, I was met with an incredibly slow and unhelpful response. It took an excessive amount of time to get a representative on the line, and even then, they seemed ill-prepared to address my concerns. The lack of urgency and efficiency in resolving customer issues is simply unacceptable.

  3.'s Incompetence: Telus directed me to contact, their designated tech support provider. Regrettably, the experience with was no better. Their technical support agents demonstrated a lack of knowledge and competence. Instead of offering insightful solutions, they merely provided generic troubleshooting steps that I had already tried. It became evident that the technicians were either inexperienced or disinterested in resolving my problems.

  4. Poor Communication: Throughout my interactions with Telus and, I encountered significant communication challenges. Both parties displayed a lack of effective communication, resulting in confusion and further delays in resolving my issues. The support staff appeared to be reading from scripted responses, showing little understanding or empathy towards my concerns.

  5. Unresolved Problems: Despite my efforts to seek assistance from both Telus and, my TV service issues remain unresolved. It is incredibly frustrating to be left without a satisfactory resolution after investing time, money, and energy into obtaining their services.

In conclusion, my experience with Telus TV service and their tech support provider,, has been nothing short of a nightmare. Their unreliable TV service, inefficient customer support, incompetent technicians, poor communication, and failure to address and resolve my issues have left me deeply dissatisfied. I strongly advise potential customers to explore alternative options that prioritize reliable service and efficient support.

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